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Renowned globally as a pinnacle of polo prowess, the Rajasthan Polo Club emerged from the amalgamation of the Jaipur State into the larger tapestry of Rajasthan in 1957. Originating as the Jaipur Polo Club in 1918, this esteemed institution drew its members predominantly from the realms of Jodhpur and Jaipur Riyasat. Nestled adjacent to the Jaipur Club, near the present-day Ganapati Nagar, it stood as a testament to the artistry and passion of sport. With the passage of time, the club's reputation only soared, solidifying its standing as a distinguished center of excellence in the revered world of polo. 

Our club's team in the 1920s boasted eminent polo players such as Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Ji (+9 Goal) and Abhey Singhji (+8 Goal), who were revered as top-rated players of their era. They achieved remarkable success by clinching major tournaments in Europe and India, culminating in their historic victory at the 1957 World Cup in Deauville, France. Notably, this victory marked the sole occasion when a team from India won the prestigious World Cup, comprising late HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singhji, RR Hanut Singh, Kr Bijay Singh, and Col Thakur Kishan Singh—all esteemed players from the Rajasthan Polo Club. This significant triumph is commemorated through the Polo Victory Cinema in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

The Rajasthan Polo Club has enjoyed the honor of hosting numerous foreign teams, including those from South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE, USA, Australia, Argentina, Pakistan, Palm Beach, UK, and Brazil. The club's prestigious grounds have also welcomed esteemed foreign dignitaries and Heads of States, including Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, the President and Prime Minister of the USSR, the Queen of England and Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the King of Jordan. Additionally, the honorable President and Prime Minister of India have graced our club grounds with their presence. 

Our club members have excelled in various National and International Championships in recent years, representing India in several international competitions, including the World Cup. It is noteworthy that members of our club were selected as Captains of the Indian Polo Team during the last World Cup Polo Championships. 

Furthermore, the Rajasthan Polo Club holds the distinction of organizing the Federation International Polo Ambassador Cup Tournament in September/October 1996, with participation from eighteen countries. In September/October 1997, the club hosted the India Independence Golden Jubilee Cup Matches, featuring six top polo-playing countries from around the world. The club also proudly served as the exclusive venue for the World Cup qualifying matches in September 2000. The Rajasthan Polo Club has made significant contributions to the promotion and global popularity of the sport of polo, both in India and internationally. 

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